Firefox, Mozilla, SeaMonkey, and Netscape Browser Extension

  Download and Install PasswordMaker 1.7 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Localization of PasswordMaker so it can be offered in other languages besides English - Thanks, Mauro!
  • Translated into 8 languages - Brazilian Portugese, Traditional Chinese, Polish, Dutch, French, English, Spanish, and German. Many thanks to all the translators at BabelZilla!
  • Master password verification - thanks, john!
  • Fixed this printing bug.
  • Fixed bug 005: "Enable the options button for PasswordManager in Firefox's Extension Manager"
  • Default settings have URL patterns, described here.
  • Fixed clipping of "Calculated URL of current site" for the default account when the calculated URL is very long.
  • Fixed resizing persistence issues discussed here.
  • "Copy Generated Password To Clipboard" is now diabled when a folder is selected
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 1.6.2 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Improved auto-populate support (thanks, miquel)
  • Restored auto-populate capability for Default Account (inadvertently removed in 1.6.1)
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 1.6.1 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Support for Firefox 2 RC1+, 2.0, 2.0+, etc.
  • Support for SeaMonkey
  • Fixed focus/selection/keyboard bug with the ChooseAccount dialog (introduced in version 1.6) Reported here.
  • Improved error message if user tries to delete the default account
  • Fixed bug whereby patterns section was displayed in the AccountSettings dialog for the defaults (introduced in 1.6)
  • Fixed bug whereby length of "Calculated URL of current site" in the AccountSettings dialog for the defaults was clipped (introduced in 1.6)
  • Other various minor changes
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Release Notes:
  • THIS VERSION PERMANENTLY MODIFIES PASSWORDMAKER.RDF AND RENDERS IT INCOMPATIBLE WITH EARLIER VERSIONS OF PASSWORDMAKER. Passwords are NOT changed/modified/affected in any way. However, if you use PasswordMaker on more than one machine all with the same passwordmaker.rdf file, you'll need to upgrade all PasswordMaker installations once you upgrade any one installation.
  • Support for Firefox 2
  • Support for Multiple "When URL Contains" entries for accounts.
  • Added support for wildcards and regular expressions. Help with this new feature is here.
  • Fixed long-standing HMAC-SHA-256 bug. Backwards support for the buggy algorithm is maintained with the HMAC-SHA-256 Version 1.5.1 hash algorithm option. If you use HMAC-SHA-256, you should create new accounts using HMAC-SHA-256 instead of HMAC-SHA-256 Version 1.5.1. This will enable you to use other that algorithm on othre (non-Firefox/Mozilla/Flock) editions of PasswordMaker.
  • Fixed GUI synchronization issue when no master password has been set: the Account Settings dialog now says "enter a master password" just like the Advanced Options dialog. Previously, it displayed a generated password by by using an empty master password.
  • Fixed Advanced Options "jumping issue" when clicking between a folder and and an account.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 1.5.1 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Fixed auto-population of "Other Fields" bug discussed here (introduced in version 1.5).
  • Fixed CoolKey and "Populate With PasswordMaker" bugs discussed here and here, introduced in version 1.5.
  • Fixed missing eraser image ("Clear Master Password"), introduced in version 1.5.
  • Fixed username population bug when "Show all passwords on web page as clear text" is enabled. When enabled, password fields were not always recognized as password fields (introduced in version 1.5).
  • Made Account-Specific Settings dialog always-on-top so use of the Auto-Populate tab is easier. Requested here.
  • When creating a new account, "When URL Contains" and "Use This URL" are now pre-populated with the current URL based on the same URL components in Default Settings instead of just the entire current URL. Requested here.
  • Renamed "Populate With PasswordMaker" menuitem to "Populate This Field" and "PasswordMaker CoolKey" menuitem to "CoolKey" per this post.
  • Fixed a bug which permitted the defaults ("default account") to be dragged-and-dropped into a folder. Placing the defaults into a folder prevents new accounts from being created, and there is no way to move the default account out of the folder without manually editing passwordmaker.rdf.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 1.5 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Now any field on any webpage can be automatically filled when the page loads! Use the new tab, Account Settings->Auto-Populate, to control.
  • Fixed Global Settings->Enable browser auto-complete on webpages which disable it so it now works with both input fields which specify autocomplete=off and forms which specify autocomplete=off.
  • The last selected tab of the Account Settings dialog is now stored for each account. Each time the Account Settings dialog is displayed, it displays the tab last selected for that account.
  • When creating a new account, "When URL Contains" and "Use This URL" are pre-populated with the current URL.
  • For better security, empty master passwords are no longer permitted. This forces users to use some kind of master password, even if it's just a single character.
  • Added PasswordMaker->Clear Master Password context-menu option on all webpages (needs icon). Requested here.
  • Added new shortcut key: ctrl-alt-` to clear the master password. It is configurable, like other PasswordMaker shortcuts, with the KeyConfig extension.
  • Fixed Master Password Storage Type bug, re-introduced in version 1.4.x.
  • Fixed Hide master password field (number of asterisks) persistance bug, introduced in version 1.4.x.
  • The Store Master Password drop-down listbox is now disabled unless a master password is entered.
  • Fixed a couple of Confirm master password by typing it twice instead of once bugs connected with the Hide master password field (number of asterisks) setting. The bugs were introduced in version 1.4.3.
  • Groups are now bolded for easier viewing.
  • Fixed CTL~ focus bug discussed here and here, although it still doesn't work if File->Import Settings or File->Export Settings is being used (and probably never will).
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the creation of new remote servers on the Upload/Download page.
  • Added Expand All Groups and Collapse All Groups commands to all trees to enable quick-open or close of all groups (folders).
  • More secure clearing of the master password in memory when it's no longer needed.
  • Drag-and-drop support for moving items between groups. More drag-and-drop support to follow.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 1.4.5 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • PasswordMaker 1.4.5 is a dialog that tells you to switch downloading to AMO. It is otherwise non-functional. The purpose of this release is: people who previously downloaded PasswordMaker from have a file which tells Firefox to check for updates at People who downloaded PasswordMaker from AMO have a file which tells Firefox to check for updates at AMO. Since updates are no longer available at, we needed a way to get users to "switch" to AMO. Users who don't "switch" will never know about updates (via Firefox's automated update system). So, version 1.4.5 is just a placeholder which shows you this:

PasswordMaker 1.4.4 was not released.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 1.4.3 Browser Extension
Latest stable release - 151kb

Release Notes:
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 1.4.2 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Fixed auto-populate bug introduced in version 1.4 as dicussed here.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 1.4.1 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Fixed numerous bugs on the Advanced Options->Global Settings tab which were introduced in version 1.4.
  • Finished implementation of Confirm master password by typing it twice instead of once as discussed here.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 1.4 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Upload/download PasswordMaker settings! Accessible through the new tab in Advanced Options, the Upload/Download tab, you can now backup and restore the settings file to/from remote computers via FTP and HTTP(S). SMTP (email) coming soon.
  • New feature which prints all settings (and, optionally, passwords) using File->Print Settings.
  • The master password is stored more securely when saved to disk because the encryption key now uses all hex digits instead of just 0-9.
  • Fixed bug whereby different passwords are sometimes generated when using the Advanced Options dialog and the "Populate With PasswordMaker" context-menu item (discussed here).
  • Added the ability to export preferences as HTML through File->Export Settings. Previously, settings could only be exported as RDF/XML.
  • Added ssn to the list of username field names (for auto-populate of and others). Requested here.
  • CoolKey and auto-populate now work on web pages which use HTML frames.
  • Last selected tab is now kept across PasswordMaker dialog invocations.
  • Added 7 subdomains for Korea as posted here.
  • Removed legacy code which enabled users with PasswordMaker version 0.7.3 and earlier to upgrade directly to newer releases. If you are using version PasswordMaker version 0.7.3 or earlier, you must now upgrade to version 1.3.3 before moving to 1.4 and higher.
  • General code cleanup and refactoring for quicker performance and smaller download size.
  • Fixed button-face CSS styling errors.
  • Fixed aes.js so it doesn't potentially conflict with other extensions.
  • Icon-copying code now only executes once -- when the browser is started -- instead of everytime the PasswordMaker dialog is opened.
  • After importing settings (File->Import Settings), the browser no longer has to be restarted for settings to take effect.
  • Various user interface improvements.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 1.3.3 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • The master password is stored more securely when saved to disk because the generated key uses all hex digits instead of just 0-9.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 1.3.3 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Fixed status bar indicator checkbox synchronization as reported here and somewhere else on the forums.
  • Generated passwords can now be any length. Previously, maximum password length was limited by the number of characters in the character set and the selected hash algorithm. This is no longer the case.
  • Fixed bug whereby the random character feature in Account Settings was off by one character in length (e.g., if you asked for three random characters, you got four).
  • PasswordMaker now closes when the last browser closes (Firefox and Flock only, not Mozilla and Netscape yet).
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 1.3.2 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Added compatibility with Firefox 1.5 release candidates.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 1.3.1 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 1.3 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Added feature to move accounts from one group to another, although not yet via drag-and-drop.
  • Disallowed ability to copy the default account to avoid confusion -- there can only be one default account.
  • Reorganized buttons on the Accounts tab into a drop-down menu for easier readability on low-resolution screens.
  • In Account Settings, a value for "Use this URL" is no longer required (this was required as of 0.9). It is now once again optional as discussed here..
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 1.2 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Added feature to copy/clone accounts from one group to another.
  • Fixed bug when using PasswordMaker in Firefox 1.5 beta whereby "Choose Account" dialog shows blank entries.
  • Fixed last remaining character set issue whereby backslash wasn't included in the default character set when it was first created.
  • Added the ability to visit web sites from the Account Settings dialog by clicking "When URL Contains", "Use This URL", or "Calculated URL of current site"
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 1.1 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Instead of turning green, the statusbar indicator now rotates 45 degrees if a custom account is used. This serves to increase PasswordMaker's accessibility and was specifically requested here.
  • Fixed the customize toolbar bug which was reintroduced in 0.9 and discussed here and here.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.9.1 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Fixed major display bug when installing PasswordMaker into new Mozilla profile (introduced in 0.9).
  • Fixed Mozilla context-menu bug reported here. (introduced in 0.9)
  • Statusbar indicator now turns green if a custom account is used. As in 0.9, it turns gold if the default account is used and grey if no action occurs. Thanks again to quixin for the icons.
  • Fixed File->Import Settings bug which occurs when a settings file doesn't end with an .rdf extension. Reported here (thanks, bigpresh).
  • Rearranged account settings dialog (thanks, Andy!).
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.9 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Named the configurable shortcut "CoolKey" and gave it a toolbar icon (mozilla/netscape users can remove it by following these directions)
  • Added optional statusbar indicator which (1) highlights when PasswordMaker has populated a field and (2) shows which settings were used to populate the last field via tooltips. The indicator can be enabled/disabled in Advanced Options->Global Settings.
  • Added minimize icon to Basic and Advanced Options dialogs.
  • Made AccountSettings->Use This URL mandatory as discussed here. Only new accounts are affected.
  • Fixed auto-populate username on site as reported here.
  • Added pop-up warning about special characters when selecting l33t options
  • Lots more menu icons (thanks, quixin)
  • Fixed bug whereby default characters didn't contain a backslash like the online version. If you install PasswordMaker to a new profile, the passwords it generates may not be what you expect until you remove this new backslash.
  • Support for Firefox 1.5 beta 2.
  • Various other minor changes.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.8.7 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Fixed toolbar icon bug described here.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.8.6 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • The characters box in the Account Settings dialog now contains a drop-down list of common character sets. There's also an option to generate a random set of characters as requested here.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.8.5 Browser Extension
- 113kb

Release Notes:
  • Browser auto-complete now works only for non-password fields as discussed here. What's auto-complete vs. auto-populate?
  • Fixed hide master password bugs. Value now persists across PasswordMaker and browser invocations, except when the master password is empty (why hide an empty password?). Discussed here.
  • Fixed bug (introduced in 0.8.4) whereby ALT-` didn't populate password fields if Global Settings-> Enable browser auto-complete was turned on.
  • Advanced Options dialog can now be sized very small in order to fit on low-resolution and/or large font-size screens as discussed here.
  • Fixed bug whereby username was populated on some pages which didn't have passwords (this one, for example)
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.8.4 Browser Extension
- 117kb

Release Notes:
  • Fixed bug whereby passwords weren't always generated the same (introduced in 0.8.3) described here and here.
  • Added the ability to show password fields on webpages which are normally hidden with asterisks. See the new Global Settings option, "Show the contents of password fields hidden with asterisks on webpages".
  • Added the ability to turn on auto-complete for password fields in webpages. See the new Global Settings option, "Enable auto-complete for password fields in webpages"
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.8.3 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Renamed counter to modifier in the Account Settings dialog as discussed here.
  • Fixed auto-populate password bug (discussed here), which was introduced in version 0.8.2.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.8.2 Browser Extension - 112kb

Release Notes:
  • Added support for the legacy MD5 and HMAC-MD5 algorithms from 0.6 and earlier. These earlier versions of MD5 and HMAC-MD5 did not strip leading zeros from hash calculations like the current MD5 and HMAC-MD5 algorithms do. This resulted in some users not being able to upgrade beyond 0.6 (if they used MD5/HMAC-MD5 and those algorithms calculated hashes with leading zeros) because they didn't always get the same password with newer releases. This topic was discussed here. To use the older algorithms, go to Advanced Options-> Settings->Hash Algorithm->MD5 Version 0.6 (or HMAC-MD5 Version 0.6, as desired). The newer versions of the algorithms are labeled simply "MD5" and "HMAC-MD5".
  • Toggle shortcuts Ctrl-A and Ctrl-B have been changed to the single, new shortcut Ctrl-S as discussed here.
  • Fixed bug (discussed here and here), reintroduced in version 0.8.1, whereby the bottom of the Basic Options dialog was clipped.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.8.1 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Fixed this bug whereby the ALT-` shortcut and the context-sensitive menu option "Populate With PasswordMaker" were incorrectly using default settings instead of customized account settings (but only when those accounts didn't have auto-populate turned on)
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.8 Browser Extension (109kb)

Release Notes:
  • Automatically populate usernames AND passwords!
  • Fixed auto-clear clipboard bug
  • Changed auto-populate priority: account-specific settings are now more important than default settings (discussed here)
  • Fixed initial height of trees and listviews throughout the extension so installations to new profiles don't look like this but rather this
  • Help -> Help Contents link open Romeo's PasswordMaker Manual.
  • Replaced infrequently used buttons with menu items on both the Advanced and Basic Settings dialogs
  • Added many new keyboard shortcuts which can be used when the Advanced or Basic Settings dialogs are open
  • Added context-sensitive menu for the Advanced and Basic Settings dialogs
  • Added context-sensitive menu for the Special Domains tab
  • Account-settings dialog automatically opens when new accounts are created
  • Works with Firefox 1.5 Beta 1
  • Fixed default height of Basic Settings dialog so it now looks like this.
  • Fixed typo in the New Group dialog which (1) referred to groups as folders and (2) had the text "required" and "optional" listed twice [thanks taanstafl and romeo]
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.7.3 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Auto-populate whitelists! The global setting for auto-populate has been removed. Instead, you can now select auto-populate for individual accounts. If you want auto-populate for all URLs (global "on"), check the auto-populate checkbox in Default Settings.
  • Changed main shortcut on Mac OS/X from Command-` to Ctrl-`.
  • Master password confirmation for password prompts, but not in the Basic and Advanced Settings yet.
  • Double-clicking an account opens the Account Settings dialog.
  • Right-click (ctrl-click for Mac) on an account opens a pop-up menu for deleting the highlighted item or viewings its Account Settings dialog.
  • Added 121 more required subdomains (Turkey, Isle of Man, Mexico, India, South Africa, Taiwan, Ukraine).
  • Hide Master Password Field now hides master password storage options, not just the master password field.
  • Fixed a Special Domains bug as described here.
  • If an account does not specify Use This URL, the generated password in the Account-Specific dialog was different than the one in the Advanced Settings dialog because the Advanced Settings dialog used the text [none - click account settings to set] as the URL instead of nothing (reported here and here). This has been fixed; the generated passwords now match.
  • The File and Help menus are now on the Advanced Options Dialog and the Basic Options Dialog.
  • All groups in the accounts tree are now initially closed instead of initially open
  • Cleaned up the Account-Specific Settings dialog when it's displayed for a folder; unused GUI controls are invisible instead of disabled.
  • Option to install PasswordMaker to your profile directory or your browser directory in Mozilla and Netscape as requested here.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.7.2 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • RIPEMD-160 now works with any/all characters, not just 0123456789abcdef
  • Added new hash algorithm, HMAC-RIPEMD-160. You now have 10 hash algorithms from which to choose!
  • Fixed "Hide Master Password Field" bugs (reported here, here, here, and here)
  • Fixed error pop-up bug (reported here, here, and here)
  • Fixed typographical errors in "Character Tips"
  • Username for "Default Settings" is now editable as requested here
  • If the "Mask Generated Password" option is checked, generated passwords are now masked in both the advanced settings dialog and the account-specific settings dialog (as reported here)
  • Added required subdomains for Brazil
  • Changed "Default Settings" to "Defaults" as requested here. This only appears for newly-created passwordmaker.rdf files (i.e., new profiles)
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.7.1 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.7 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Mozilla 1.7.x, Netscape 7.2, and Netscape 8.x now supported!
  • Completely new user interface
  • Support for screens at 800x600 resolution
  • You can now define which characters to use in generated passwords by clicking the "Characters" button in Advanced Options. Customizable for each account so you can, for example, specify the numbers 0-9 be used in passwords but not in passwords.
  • The new Password Security Meter visually displays the strength of your passwords
  • New icons — including small icons for small toolbars
  • New, completely configurable shortcut: ALT-` with the following options:
    • Off
    • Populate all password fields
    • Populate only password fields that are empty
    • Clear all password fields
  • Support for password prefixes and suffixes: choose any character(s) to be placed in front of or at the end of generated passwords. Customizable for each account.
  • Added two new hash algorithms: HMAC-SHA-256 and HMAC-SHA1. You can now choose from 9 different hash algorithms.
  • Import Settings and Export Settings (once again) fully functional
  • 69 new special domains
  • When Auto-Clear Clipboard is checked, the clipboard is only cleared if its contents haven't been changed
  • Pressing the ESC key exits all dialogs
  • Released under a new license, the LGPL
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.6 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
This release required so much time that I was unable to update the integrated help. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the forums. You can post messages there without registering.
  • There's been some confusion whether the extension is named "Password Maker" (space between words) or "PasswordMaker" (no space). I've clarified the confusion by changing contents.rdf to use PasswordMaker just as this website does. The official name is now PasswordMaker.
  • Support for multiple accounts ("usernames") on the same website. Now you can generate as many passwords as you like for the same domain. When PasswordMaker is about to generate a password for a website for which you've created accounts, you are prompted for the account to use. If you don't create accounts for a website, the default settings are used to generate the password.
  • Ability to specify different settings (e.g., password length, l33t-speak, etc.) for each and every account on each and every website
  • Support for "expiring passwords" -- websites which force you to change your password periodically -- through a new "counter" field. By entering a date, incrementing a number, or any other changing text, passwords can change as frequently as you need.
  • A completely new look-and-feel in Advanced Settings to support the account management.
  • Ability to generate the same password for different sites; when one URL is "matched", another can be substituted for password generation. For instance, if you want one of your Yahoo! accounts to use the same password as one of your Google accounts, in the Yahoo! account enter "" in "When URL Contains" field and "" in "Use this URL" field.
  • A security warning is displayed if you choose to save the master password to disk (even though it's stored encrypted), along with simple instructions on how to remove it from disk.
  • If the master password had been stored on disk (encrypted), clearing the master password field erases the encrypted data from disk.
  • The Basic Settings dialog, which was mis-sized on some platforms under some resolutions, is now completely resizable. You can make it any size you like and the dialog will open to the same size next time
  • All preferences are now stored in a file named passwordmaker.rdf instead of Mozilla/Firefox's preferences (about:config). This will make OS-level encryption of settings easy. When upgrading from an older release, your preferences are converted to the RDF file -- they are not lost.
  • Import and Export Preferences are disabled in this release. I haven't had time to re-write these features yet, but look for them in 0.6.1 or 0.6.2. In the meantime, you can manually copy/backup/delete %ProfileDirectory%/passwordmaker.rdf to achieve the same thing.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.5.1 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • If Mask Generated Password is checked, you are prompted for the master password before it can be unchecked. This is a security feature to prevent others from viewing generated passwords. Alternatively, you can clear the Master Password textbox (thereby changing generated passwords) and then uncheck Mask Generated Password without being prompted.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.5 Browser Extension

Release Notes:
  • Created the much-requested basic and advanced options. The basic options are displayed by default, but one can switch to advanced options by clicking the new Advanced Options button. There is a corresponding button on the when viewing the advanced options to switch back to the basic options. PasswordMaker remembers which options you last used and continues to show it when invoked.
  • Removed the Apply button; all changes are now applied immediately as they are typed.
  • Removed the Reset Master Password button; since all changes are now applied immediately when typed, resetting the master password is as simple as clearing the master password textbox.
  • Added 53 more second-level domains to the Special Domains list from 6 different countries.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.4.3 Browser Extension

ALERT: If you are upgrading from a previous version and you have changed the Special Domains list, you will lose your changes unless you follow these steps BEFORE upgrading:

  • Start Firefox and open the PasswordMaker main dialog (cntl-`)
  • From the menu, select File->Export Preferences
  • Choose a path and filename and click the save button. If prompted to export the master password, choose no (you may also choose "yes" if not overly concerned about security)
  • Close the PasswordMaker main dialog and perform the PasswordMaker upgrade as normal
  • Restart Firefox
  • Open the PasswordMaker main dialog (cntl-`)
  • From the menu, select File->Import Preferences
  • Choose the file you selected in step 3 and click the open button
  • Choose yes when prompted, "Do you want to import the list of special domains in this file? Any existing special domains will be overwritten."
  • That's it! Now click the special domains button to make sure your special domains have been imported.

Release Notes:
  • Fixed various minor bugs which were introduced in 0.4.2.
  • Added a Reset Master Password button in the main dialog. This button clears the master password from memory and disk (if it had been saved). This button only appears when the master password has been stored on disk and/or in memory.
  • The Save Master Password checkbox in both the main dialog and the master password prompt is now a listbox with the following three items:
    • Do not store master password
    • Store master password in memory (encrypted) - selecting this option means you won't be prompted for the master password again while the browser is running
    • Store master password on disk and in memory (encrypted) - selecting this options means you won't be prompted for the master password again at all (unless you reset it using the Reset Master Password button
  • If changes are made to the Special Domains list, the customized passwordmaker.xml file is now stored in /profiles/your-profile/passwordmaker.xml instead of /profiles/your-profile/extensions/{5872365e-67d1-4afd-9480-fd293bebd20d}/passwordmaker.xml. This change is to accomodate the forthcoming Firefox change whereby extension uninstallation deletes all extension files and even the extension directory. By using this new location, custom changes to the Special Domains list will not be deleted when the extension is uninstalled. In case the user wants to re-install at a later time, he won't have to perform the tedious task of re-entering all of his Special Domains.
 Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.4.2 Browser Extension

  • Version 0.4.2 fixes the update problem in 0.4.1 whereby the Extension Manager thought version 0.3.5 was installed. Therefore, the Extension Manager constantly prompted you to update.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.4.1 Browser Extension

  • Version 0.4 was packaged incorrectly; the "special domains list" (passwordmaker.xml), which contains domains like, wasn't included. This version fixes that problem. The Special Domains dialog box is now populated with hundreds of "special domains" by default.
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.4 Browser Extension

  • Long-awaited support for domains which require subdomins; e.g.,,, etc!
  • Two minor GUI fixes: alert boxes displayed empty messages when importing or exporting preferences
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.3 Browser Extension

  • Version 0.3 adds feature requests, bug fixes, and even more security.
  • Context-sensitive menu item for populating password fields (only appears when right-clicking a password field)
  • In-memory storage of the master password is encrypted to deter its discovery from core dumps, debuggers, trojan horses, malicious extensions, etc.
  • Option to automatically populate webpages containing password fields with generated passwords as the webpages load
  • Option to access the main dialog through an icon in Firefox's Navigation Toolbar
  • Option to mask generated passwords in the main dialog with asterisks
  • Ability to import and export preferences to/from files. Exported files can be imported both by the PasswordMaker Firefox Extension and PasswordMaker Online.
  • Added an Apply button to the main dialog so changes in the dialog can be applied without closing it
  • Removed the None hash algorithm option because it gives potentially unfriendly users the ability to view master passwords in clear text
  • Addition of a menu bar to house more options
  • Fixed the potential for JavaScript global namespace conflicts
  • Improved URL component parsing
  • Updated help information
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.2 Browser Extension

  • Nine different levels of l33t speak (or none at all) can be applied before, after, or before & after password generation.
  • Extension is now a non-modal dialog box instead of a toolbar, saving precious screen real-estate
  • Extension is available via global access key control-tick (cntrl-`) or command-tick on OS-X
  • Hashed passwords are calculated in real-time as user enters input; there is no longer a generate button
  • All user-entered values, except master password, are automatically persisted between executions of Firefox and instantiations of PasswordMaker
  • master password persistance is off by default (for added security), but can be turned on if desired. If turned on, the password is stored locally using AES (Rijndael) encryption
  • Added MD4, HMAC-MD4, HMAC-MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, and RIPE-160 hash algorithms, as well as a None option for viewing passwords unencrypted
  • Added 4 checkboxes for automatically selecting parts of the current URL (protocol, subdomains(s), domain, and port/path/anchor/query parameters
  • Removed restriction on maximum length of master password
  • Added v0.1 compatibility mode checkbox which allows the user to turn on/off the concatenation of a colon between the master password and the URL. v0.1 added a colon by default without informing the user, making it impossible to re-create encyrpted passwords with other MD5 implementations.
  • Added Copy Password To Clipboard button
  • For added security, added the option for auto-clearing the clipboard after n seconds
  • Added Help button and associated help screen
  • Updated Online version to match the extension, for use when you don't have access to the extension
  • Moved site to MozDev
  Download and Install PasswordMaker 0.1 Browser Extension

The original release of PasswordMaker was a simple toolbar (see here for screenshots).