PasswordMaker Help Manual
Password Maker Menu
- File Menu l33t
+ Import Settings
Reads a file created by Export Settings and applies the settings therein to PasswordMaker. If a master password is contained in the file, it is also applied.
+ Export Settings
Writes a file containg all accounts, global settings, account-specific settings, special domains and, optionally, the master password. This file can be imported either by PasswordMaker On-Line or by using the Import Settings menu item described above. If you choose to write the master password to the exported file, it is written in encrypted form.
+ Close
Closes the PasswordMaker dialog.
- Help Menu l33t
+ Help Contents
Displays this help manual.
+ On-Line Version
Opens the on-line version of PasswordMaker in a new browser tab. PASSWORDMAKER Online is an HTML- and javascript-only webpage duplicating most of the features in the PasswordMaker Mozilla/Firefox Extension. You can synchronize PASSWORDMAKER Online with settings from the PASSWORDMAKER Mozilla/Firefox Extension by using the Export Settings option (described above) and the Import Settings option found at PASSWORDMAKER Online.
+ About
Displays credits, attributions, and other information about PasswordMaker.